Jean-a-ma-jig…what is that?

Yesterday, we covered how to hem your jeans the professional way. In that post, I mentioned that you have to have a jean-a-ma-jig.

They look like this:









They are a small flat hard plastic gizmo that you use to help get over the big seam allowances that you find on jeans.

Sewing without one, means that you break alot of needles and/or your thread gets all caught up in the bobbin and you have a bird’s nest of thread to cut and pull out of there…a total mess.  Have you had that happen when you’ve sewn on jeans before?

By using this gadget, you are keeping the presser foot flat as it sews over this junction and you have success.  Don’t ask me why. I don’t know the physics or anything, I just know it works.

News Flash: In this post, I will use the words “gizmo” and “gadget”  interchangeably. It’s only so I don’t have to type “jean-a-ma-jig” over and over.

So, now let’s look at how to use it. When you are sewing the hem and you are approaching the big hump on a pair of jeans or heavy jacket or whatever, you stitch right up to the hump and then lift your presser foot and slide the gizmo behind the presser foot like this:









Then, make sure you put the presser foot down and stitch until you sew to the edge of the hump. (this may be four or five stitches.) At that point, if your hump is not too big, you may be able to lift the presser foot up, take the gizmo out , put the presser foot down and just continue sewing.

However, if you have a really huge bump, (Like Levi jeans have) you can lift the presser foot up, move the jean-a-ma-jig to the front of the presser foot , put the presser foot back down and contunue stitching until you have passed the danger zone (until you have sewn past the hump area completely). Just make sure that the gadget is positioned so that the long narrow opening is in front of the needle.










Do you see how I have the gadget butted up against the seam where it is the thickest? You can tell I’ve already stitched the seam, but I wanted to let you see how it lines up with the gizmo. Once you have sewn over the hump and completely passed it, then take the gizmo out and make sure the presser foot is still down and continue sewing around the hem. It’s easier than it looks, but e-mail me or leave a comment if you have any trouble. We’re all about helping you get it right!

Here’s where you can buy a Jean-a-ma-jig online.

At $3.48, it’s a bargain. See how inexpensive your toys are when you sew?!!!