How to Make A Dress With A Tulle Skirt

As you readers know, altering garments is my focus, not constructing them.

But, I just got a great question from a reader and I would love your input in helping her.

I’d love your thoughts on the tulle (netting) fabric. Do you have some tips on how to expedite the process and make that skirt bottom look even without a lot of heartache? Do you use a rotary cutter or what is your secret? Thank you ahead of time! Linda

Here is what she wrote:

pattern showing several dresses with a tulle skirt, making a tulle skirt,

My daughter will be wearing this C version (green full length dress in the photo above) and I have been asked how much it would be for me to do all 8 dresses. I’m a little concerned about the skirt material.
I’ve made tutus for dance costumes, but not for dress. I would love any hints or advice you can give. I have no idea what to charge above materials, so if you can, give me a suggested $ amount to ask for. Because it’s for a wedding I’m a little nervous. I sew well, I just haven’t worked with this style.
Thank you, your blog is fantastic for referencing “how to” do different projects.

I will say that when I am altering a tulle skirt or dress, I use scissors and trim the hem by hand. If the hem isn’t even, make sure that when you take off the excess, you are taking it off at the correct height all the way around the hem.

When I go to actually do the cutting, I use my ironing board and a seam gauge to keep my cutting straight.

Hope that helps and can’t wait to read your comments!