Wedded Bliss!

Thank you for your sweet emails and congrats on our daughter’s wedding!

It was a wonderful day!

The weather was perfect and the ceremony divine

While we’re still waiting for the photographer to give us the photos (how long do they usually take? It’s been about 6 weeks),

I couldn’t resist sharing a couple of them with you.

These were taken by our niece who was sitting in the second row.

As you can see, the wedding colors were a jewel toned blue, black and white:

Yes, there were 8 attendants on each side.

Crazy, right?

The ceremony was so special.

Amazing music from Jake’s cousins, very gifted musicians:

An amazing message filled with scripture and God’s desire for marriage:

Prayers by the fathers:

The vows:

Introducing Mr. and Mrs.!

They look so happy, don’t they?!

We ended up having 2 receptions!

One at the church and one at a golf club.

The golf club could only fit our families and the kid’s friends.

So, we decided to have one at the church as well, so that we could invite our friends to join in the celebratioin.

Here is a shot from the church reception:

We had a wonderful time at that reception.

Tomorrow I’ll write about what happened when we left the church.

We’ll get back to sewing soon, I promise!