Fun At The Wedding Reception

This is a sewing related post, even though the title doesn’t sound like it!

As I mentioned in the previous post,

we held two receptions for our daughter’s wedding.

One was held at the church.

The second was a family dinner at a public golf club in the next town.

Here are the newlyweds leaving the church:

M and J leaving wedding in our car, 621

The wedding party planned to stop off at a local reservoir for some more pictures on their way to the dinner reception.

We swapped cars with the newlyweds which meant we had their rental car, a small little domestic car.

About a mile away from the church, my husband noticed that the “low tire” indicator light had turned on.

He figured it was a computer glitch and thought we should keep driving.

(Does this sound like your husband?!)

But I really thought we should get it checked out.

(Does this sound like a woman’s response?!)

We realized that there was a tire shop within about 6 blocks of our predicament.

As we got within 2 blocks of the tire shop, we felt and heard the wheel go “thu-thunk, thu-thunk”.

We pulled in to the shop just as the men were closing up for the day.

And they graciously agreed to fix it for us.

We had the best time with it all!

Here we were in our formal wear and they in their grease and grime.

I said to one of the men, “People go to great lengths just to get their tires fixed, don’t they?!”

We found all sorts of things to laugh about.

I figured no one would believe our story without proof, so I snapped a shot of Jose and my husband enjoying the moment for all it’s fun:

Jose at the tire shop, wedding day, 330

We kept thanking the Lord for His provision:

1. The flat tire came at a great time in the day (good thing it wasn’t fifteen minutes later) and at the perfect location

2. It didn’t happen to the bride or groom in that car

3. It didn’t happen to us out in the country between our two towns

4. It didn’t happen to them the next day on their way to the airport

We were on the road in fifteen minutes and the last ones to arrive at the reception.

And the reception was so much fun too!

The bride and groom at their sweetheart table:

M and J at the bridal table, 347

First Dance:

M and J dancing

The groom and his ten, or so, buddies danced and got the whole crowd cheering with each of their unique dances:

groomsmen on the dance floor, 425

Our son in law even walked on his hands across the floor. I didn’t know he had such talent!

Everyone joined in the fun and celebration.

It was my favorite reception of all time.

(Does that sound like a mom?!)

At some point in the evening, the photographer took the wedding party outside for pictures.

At the end of that session, our daughter came back inside to let me know that when he carried her across the expansive lawn, one of her bustles “broke”.

(Didn’t I tell you I would relate this to sewing at some point in the story?!)

Upon further investigation, we found that one of the plastic rings that had been holding a bustle had actually broken in half!

For years, I  have suggested that brides pin about 5 safety pins along the inside lower edge of their dresses in case of emergencies.

I never thought I’d use my own advice! 🙂

I took one of those safety pins and used it as a “ring” and then re-tied the ribbon onto the safety pin.

(If you want to know how to add bustles, he’s a post on How To Put Bustles on Your Wedding Dress. And here’s a post on How To Make French Bustles, Even Easier Than Before!)

She was “good to go” in mere moments!

We sent them off under a canopy of sparklers.

It was such a beautiful scene.

I wish I had a photo of that to show you.

Everyone left and I realized I had forgotten to ask for help in dismantling the banquet room!

I also forgot to take into account that we had the rental car with about 2 square feet of storage space.

So, we detained our younger daughter for awhile while we packed her car to the brim and sent her off.

While we were packing our car, she returned to tell us that her sister had lost her wallet somewhere.

She needed it for the airplane ride the next day.

So, we prayed on the way home that God would help us find it.

When we arrived home, one of her bridesmaids was there ready to help us find it.

We scoured the house… everywhere we thought she’d been that morning and couldn’t find it anywhere.

As we were looking in her bedroom one more time, and thinking about heading over to the church to look there,

our daughter called and explained that she remembered it falling out of her purse at some point during the day.

With that, I dropped to my knees and lifted the bed skirt and there it was right in front of me!

It had rolled under the bed apparently after it fell out of her purse.


We were so happy to be able to tell her that God had answered yet another prayer that day!

We took it over to the hotel they were staying at and stayed up all night chatting with them.

Just kidding. We dropped it off and left.

And they had a wonderful honeymoon.

Now they are enjoying married life and we are enjoying being in-laws (or maybe we are outlaws!)

Now share with us your funny or unusual stories from your wedding day.

Don’t be shy.

Everyone has a story.

I can’t wait to hear yours!!!