How To Mark Your Hems..Another Method

As I mentioned in How To Mark Your Pants For Hemming…One Method,  there are many ways to mark a hem.

Besides the method I showed you in that post, I have tried using several measuring devices, including a yardstick.

None of them worked super well. They all had their issues.

But many thanks to Christy, an amazing tailor, who told me about another, quicker, method of marking your pants or skirts.

You may already know about this technique, but it was news to me.

First, buy yourself (or make) a stool.

I had thought of doing this for years, but I was waiting for my husband to make me a stool.

Good thing Christy stepped in and prompted me.


I found this one at Walmart:

It was only about $15.00.

I wanted one that was sturdy enough for someone to stand on. A stool that would make my customers feel confident that the thing wouldn’t collapse on them.

Then, Christy suggested I buy a Chalk Hem Marker at JoAnn Fabrics:

If you are on JoAnn’s mailing list, you can use the 40% off coupon and it will make it more affordable.

It has a ruler along the tall post and you can adjust the height of the marker to meet the height of your hem.

It also has a reservoir of powdered chalk.

Once you determine what height you want the hem at, you lock in the device and it won’t move.

When you get the marker right up to the fabric you are marking, squeeze the little bulb that is attached, and a small spray of chalk comes out of this gizmo in a straight line onto your fabric:

This is what it looks like on the pair of pants I marked recently:

Ok, my line is a little crooked. I must have moved a little.

But it’s close enough.

Chalk it in several places all around the hemline.

For a fuller skirt or gown, you’ll want to mark every inch or two all around the gown.

Then you just fold on those marks and press and you have the new hemline in a flash.

Thanks again, Christy!