Oh Mama!

I thought you might like to see what some readers to this blog contributed to last summer.

If you missed the original posts, you’ll find the first one entitled Sewing in Zambia and the second one called Update on Zambia.

Our daughter works for an orphan ministry in Texas called Every Orphan’s Hope.

There are 11 orphan homes with 8 children in each home and the mamas who raise these children are mostly widows.

Last summer, we learned that the widows had a long standing dream to have sewing machines.

So, I put out the word here on the blog and to my friends at church and we raised enough money to buy each mama a sewing machine!

When our daughter got to Zambia, she and one of the Zambian staff women went to a sewing machine dealer and purchased the machines.

Most of them are treadle machines because the electricity in Zambia is intermittent.

This post is to show you what that process looked like and share with you the excitement and joy of the mamas.

Many of you also donated sewing supplies.

Thank you!

They are all being put to good use.

One lady even made dolls for the children!

So, without further adieu, here are some of the photos chronicling the exciting event.

In this photo, the machines are being delivered by the sewing machine dealer from the capital city of Lusaka:

the mamas in Zambia, 1968

Here is one of the mamas reacting to her gift:

zambian mama getting a sewing machine, 0723

And more excitement over the sewing machines:

mamas looking at a sewing machine, 089

Here is a group of ladies receiving other gifts:

group of mamas getting gifts, 1551

Thank you to all of you who contributed to making their dreams come true.

This was a huge blessing for them and your generosity was huge for me!