Sewing in Zambia

Hi Everyone,
Some of you know that our daughter, Michelle, works for a ministry called Every Orphan’s Hope. It is an organization that has rescued orphans in Zambia, Africa, and built homes for these children to live in. Each orphan home has 8 children and one widowed “mama” who cares for the children. For several years, the mamas have been dreaming of being able to sew. So, our daughter, thought this would be a good time to pitch out the need and see if we can make their dream a reality.

If you’d like to see their website and learn what they are all about, please visit :

If you’d like to meet the mamas, click here: Sewing CampaignB (2)

The mamas have identified two main desires: basic sewing supplies and sewing machines. In Zambia, the electricity is very unreliable, so getting treadle type machines is the best choice for them. Every Orphan’s Hope could buy the machines here, but shipping them would be very expensive, so they have found a way to buy them in Zambia and have them transported to the villages. It will cost around $2,100 to purchase 14 machines so that each home would have one machine. (They have 11 homes now and three more are being built soon).

I’d love for you to join me in making these mama’s dreams come true.

If that’s your desire as well, there are two ways to help them out:

1. You can donate directly to Every Orphan’s Hope online at
2. You can gather basic sewing supplies and mail them directly to Every Orphan’s Hope.

Their mailing address is:
Every Orphan’s Hope
3245 W. Main St., Ste. 235/332
Frisco, TX 75034

Basic sewing supplies would include: thread, scissors, needles, pins, patterns, seam rippers, measuring tapes, or anything else you have that you are not using or would like to purchase new. Anything you donate will be greatly appreciated. They will not be collecting fabric because the weight of the fabric would make it too costly and because the Zambians prefer purchasing their own fabric from local vendors.

If you mail your supplies to Texas, please be sure and send your package by June 8th if possible. There will be a team flying to Zambia at the end of June to deliver the goods and purchase the machines, if enough funds are collected.

Please send a link to this post to any of your sewing friends or anyone you think would be interested in helping these women achieve this goal.

Thank you for your consideration. I have a feeling that Sewfordough (that was the name of my original alterations website!) readers are going to be very generous! So many of you have a heart for those less fortunate than we are and we have a unique opportunity to help these ladies develop this craft that we love so much. It will give them an opportunity to teach the children in their care how to sew and provide a skill in which they could someday run and operate their own sewing business and provide for their own families.

I know they will be greatly blessed by whatever contribution you can make.

You will receive a tax donation receipt from Every Orphan’s Hope for any monetary donations you make.

If you have any questions, you can email me here at or you can contact Every Orphan’s Hope.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Go team Sewfordough!