Happy Mother’s Day!!!

A very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there who are mothers.

As you already know, I am blessed to have two amazing daughters.

I woke up this morning  just praising God for the gift of being a mom 25 and 23 years ago.

And for all the time with them leading up to today.

Isn’t it fun to think back over years and years of memories?

Remember their first smile? Giggle? Roll over? Step? Word?

First day of Kindergarten? First play date? Friend? Favorite dress?

I could go on and on….

If you’ve got some in your home this morning, grab ’em and give them a big hug and smooch.

If they live in another location, make sure you give them an air hug over the phone today.

Then thank the Lord for His gift to you that you get to enjoy every day, not just on Mother’s Day!

Then go outside and enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord has made!