We Interupt This Regularly Scheduled Sewing Post….

I just had to tell ya’ll about an incredible weekend I had with my eldest daughter in Houston, Texas this weekend!

(I will try to find something sewing related to share with you as I write, but if you’re here looking for an honest to goodness “how-to” do an alteration, you’ll be so disappointed.)

There are two posts in the works from readers that I know you’ll want to read about. One concerns hemming jeans using the original hem edge. The other is about making corset backs for wedding dresses. So stay tuned!

About this weekend:

It was a gathering of 507 ladies from all over the country who had spent time memorizing God’s word last year.

We were challlenged by Beth Moore and her daughters to hide God’s word in our hearts…a different portion of scripture every 2 weeks …and then gather in Houston to celebrate the wonderful year together!

We arrived on Friday noonish and stayed at the Omni Hotel, which was awfully fancy for us. Thank you, Amanda for getting us the special rate.

(We didn’t know there was a hospitality room! How did we miss that? We were there until Sunday and no one said a word! I’ll probably find out that there was a big fat sign referring to it right in front of our faces. Rats! )

Here’s our room (these photos remind me of Pioneer Woman taking photos on her book tour!):

Can you believe how well everything matches? The bedding was incredible..2 top sheets (who does that?), a down comforter and a top comforter. I felt like a queen! I’m going to use that idea in Colorado where it’s always freezing when you crawl into bed.

Check out this bathroom:

It was the size of a kids bedroom!

We gathered at the church getting ready for the arrival of Beth, Amanda and Melissa (pink boas and all):

For some reason, I forgot to pack BOTH pairs of huge sunglasses, so we traded off wearing the one:

We also brought bubbles and kazoos, but felt those might be over the top, so we stuck to the boas and glasses.

Here’s the beautifully designed logo:

Here are some of Beth:

Amanda and Melissa:

Here are the Three Amigos:

and Gringo:

Travis Cottrell led us in amazing worship music.

Beth taught 2 sessions on Psalm 119. I had alot to learn.

We broke out for a time of reciting our scriptures and then back for more worship.

Beth was so amazing to hug each of us and greet us.

Can you imagine doing that this soon after surgery? We were humbled.

What a great time we had.

Thank you to all the staff at Living Proof for all you did to make it so fun.

We had a blast!

After the celebration, we walked around the Galleria.

I couldn’t believe the shops that were there.

Designer names I hadn’t seen of heard of since I was in college:

Fendi, Ferragamo, YSL, Chanel, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Versace, etc.

There were stores I hadn’t seen in years: Nieman Marcus (aka Needless Markup), Cartier and Tiffany’s.

There was even a skating rink in the middle of the mall:

Michelle liked this Coach purse:

It was only 150 clams!

On Sunday, we went to Houston’s First Baptist Church and the service was wonderful:

Loved the worship. Loved the sermon.

Then, after another round of lunch, we headed back to the airport.

Can you believe Southwest Airlines ,which was running a half hour late out of Houston, (that was all the time I had scheduled to get on another plane in OK City) got me on a plane in OK City and I made it to Denver on time and with all my luggage?! It was amazing. I just kept thanking the Lord all the way home.

Here we are on the plane out of Houston:

We met a little girl named Meaghan and she taught us a card game called “Cadillac”.

She wooped us in Go Fish too. Go figure.

Just want to say hi to Jan from New York who braved my driving skills to ride along with us on Friday night. Hope you had a great trip back home.

Hi to Trisha (or is it Tricia) from Odessa, Texas and her mom from Midland. So nice to meet you on Sunday. Hope you had a great trip back home too.

Hope all you Siestas had as wonderful a time as we had.

And to all of you who said Houston traffic was unreal…well, can we just say it wasn’t bad at all?

Another blessing.

And to my sewing blog audience, thanks for your patience. πŸ™‚