My Sewing Room

Where do you sew?

Do you have a designated room where you can keep your machine set up at all times?

Is it in a bedroom, a basement, a dining room, an office?

Is it well lit, roomy, comfortable and has lots of storage and all the tools you need to create the projects of your dreams?

I hope you have a spot you love.

But, if you don’t have a designated space, stay tuned. I address some organizational tips for you in a post entitled, Keeping Your Notions Handy.

Here is my sewing room:

my sewing room, 673

It has lots of daylight streaming in.

Why is it stark white, you ask?

It all started at our former home when my sewing room was in the unfinished laundry room in our basement.

(See, now don’t you feel better about your own sewing space?!!!)

Coronado laundry room, 666

It looked like a cave in there with a single naked light bulb at the ceiling (hence the floor lamp for extra lighting.)

So, I asked my handy husband if he could build me a sewing table and paint it white.

He questioned the color choice several times.

I said, “Just trust me on this.”

And he did.

He made the shelving unit you see in the bottom of the first photo. (Yes, he made it portable so that if we ever moved, he could easily take it with us.)

Then, he bought a laminate countertop and secured it to the shelving unit.

He also bought several sheets of pegboard and painted them white. (I bet you can find them premade in white at the hardware store these days.)

He secured them behind my counter so that I could hang most anything from hooks on the peg board.

finished laundry room sewing area, 667

And that worked really well. I loved having everything right at my fingertips.

We hung a long flourescent light above the counter which made for a wonderful light source.

I’m glad everything was white. I really did need it to be as bright as possible in that room.

I know the photo above doesn’t do it justice, but with all that white and the light, it was a totally awesome space!

I thanked him profusely for years for making it for me.

Then we moved.

And he brought the shelving unit with us.

And it fit perfectly in the new sewing room.

This room has alot of natural daylight in it, but no overhead lighting.

my sewing room, 673

So, I use a floor lamp occasionally at night.

Impressive, huh?

Someday, I’ll call the electrician and have him wire me an overhead light.

So, in the meantime, the lamp works fine.

And don’t you just love the boom box on the countertop?! I don’t have that anymore.

My husband bought the pre-made cupboards that you see above the counter, for storage.

Ninety nine percent of what is stored in there is fabric.

I have already purged the fabric pile several times and what I have left fits perfectly in the cupboards.

I use it for making quilts and for any alterations that require a scrap of fabric to solve the problem.

I’ve written a post on Keeping Your Notions Handy if you’d like to read how I organize my sewing space.

I’d love to hear about your sewing space and what your favorite parts are about it.

Send me photos if you’ve got them. E-mail me at

I would love to see your creative space!