Hem With a Vent (or Slit)…Technique #2

The last post was on how to hem a pair of pants with a vent or slit in the side.

This post will give you instructions on how to do a vent another way.

This technique can be used with skirts that have vents on the side or center back seam.

Here’s what this pair looks like:

sewing blog 499

This pair had topstitching all along the edge of the vent.

Take a look at the inside of the pants where the hem is.

I took the topstitching out and spread the vents open so you could see:

sewing blog 501

After you’ve taken apart the vents, measure the width of the hem.

In this case, it’s 1 1/2″ wide.

sewing blog 502

Now, measure the vent opening. In this case it is 2 3/4″.

sewing blog 503

For this customer, I needed to raise the hem by 5″.

Raise your hem according to the measurement you need to raise it by.

Press a new hemline all the way around your pants.

sewing blog 505

You may need to take out some side seam stitches because your new vent will be open for 2 3/4″  above the hem edge.

So, on these pants, I need to first take out the serged seam allowance (see the scissors below. I like to use small pointed scissors for this task.)

sewing blog 506

Remember, my hem width was 1 1/2″? So, I will cut off the pants 1 1/2″ below the pressed hemline.

Serge the cut edge if you have a serger. If not, finish it with a zig zag or other finish.

sewing blog 507

Serge the opening of the vents so that the edge doesn’t ravel.

sewing blog 508

Now you can see in the photo below that I have the vent area all serged and the new hemline pressed and ready to go.

Do you see, also , that I have the side seam stopping at about the same place as the vent opens up?

sewing blog 509

Turn up the hem along the foldline:

sewing blog 511

Remember, if your hem doesn’t lay flat because your pants are tapered or flared, you must read How To Hem Pants Without Puckers!

Once you have the hem edge turned up, measure the openings to the vents and make sure they are even. Lay one vent on top of the other and line them up. Make any necessary adjustments to insure that those edges are even.

sewing blog 512

Now, you can put the hem in using a blindstitch hem foot like this:

sewing blog 513

If you are unsure of how to do the hem that way, here’s a post on How To Hem Using a Blind Stitch Hem Foot.

Or, you could put the hem in by hand.

Once you have the hem in, turn the vertical edge of the vent in (1/4″ ) once like this:

sewing blog 510

Now, turn the vent edge in one more time and pin all the edges.

sewing blog 514

Topstitch just under 1/4″ all the way around the vent openings, making sure that you catch all the edges as you sew.

I like to topstitch from the right side of the garment like this:

sewing blog 516

And there you have it…another way to put a vent in your pair of pants!

sewing blog 517