Seam Gauge….Do you have one?

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This is a seam gauge. Do you have one?

If not, you really should buy one.

They are essentially mini rulers.

They are 6 or 6 1/2 inches long, depending on the manufacturer.

For small measurements, they are so easy to maneuver…much easier than a 12″ ruler, yardstick or measuring tape.

And, they have a little bonus feature:


There’s a plastic slide that you can move up and down the gauge.

This allows you to set the gauge at a desired measurement and keep it there while you cut the fabric all the way around a hem, or press a fold, for example.

I use mine every day for all sorts of alterations.

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I also use it when I am pinning in the bust or side seams of a bridal gown or a blouse for a customer. I measure how much I took in and write it down in case the pin falls out.

Any time I need to take a small measurement, the seam gauge is right there on the battlefield with me.

It’s in my arsenal of top four necessary items I use every day.

Stay tuned for the other three.