Bridal Alterations

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How To Take In a Dress With Piping

Putting Bustles on a Wedding Gown

French Bustles…Making Them Even Easier Than Before

Taking In A Dress That’s 5 Sizes Too Big

French Seams

Stain Remover For Wedding Gowns

How To Take In Side Seams and Facings

Shortening Shoulder Straps on Your Dress or Top

How To Sew On Satin Covered Buttons

How To Put In Gussets

How to Put in a Corset Back

How to Put In a Corset Back, Option #2

How To Sew a Partial Hem

How to Hem a Bubble Dress

Altering a Bubble Dress

Rolled Hems

Rolled Hems…Another Method

Sergers…Do You Need One?

An Alteration Dilemma

How To Alter a Dress Or Top With Binding

Beads on a Gown…Removing and Reattaching

Taking in the Bust

Halter Top or Halter Dress Alteration

Spaghetti Straps…Let’s Make Some!

How To Shorten Spaghetti Straps

Alterations With a Challenge Attached

How To Alter Tulle or Netting on a Skirt or Dress

How To Make a Dress With a Tulle Skirt

How To Avoid Ruining a Garment

How To Choose Boning For Your Dress

How To Fix Boning Issues

Shortening a Zipper From The Top

Tailor Tacks Instead of Pins

Fun at the Wedding Reception

How To Alter a Dress Without Taking Out the Zipper

Altering The Shoulders On a Jacket

Hem Stays