Readers…..Chime in!

Hi everyone,

I got a question from a reader yesterday that I thought would be great for you all to chime in and help answer.

I think we’ve all had to fix this problem at one time or another.

Here is her email:

Hi Linda
Thank you for your blog! I am working on my daughter’s bridal gown and will soon begin on the bridesmaid dresses. My question deals with the invisible zippers in the dresses. The bridesmaid dresses are strapless with simple a-line skirts in the back. There are three layers: chiffon, charmeuse, and lining. I have always struggled with getting a completely smooth transition to the seam at the bottom of the zipper, often getting a little bump. Since these navy colored dresses have nothing to help hide an imperfect installation I would appreciate any tips to achieve a flawless look. Thank you! Have a great day! Nancy