What Brand of Thread Should You Use?

pile of blue thread spools, 1090

The topic of thread has been on my mind lately.

I just got the annual tune up on my sewing machine and the technician scolded me.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that!

She asked what brand of thread I use.

When I told her “Sometimes Coats and Clark and sometimes Gutterman”, I got a sharp reprimand.

She told me that the only kind to use is Mettler.

Mettler? I don’t know about you, but I think I’ve only been in about 2 stores in my life that carry that brand.

I didn’t think it mattered that much.

I already knew not to buy the stuff that is ten spools for a dollar.

I learned that when I worked at Hancock Fabrics in high school, before dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The cheap stuff is fuzzy, gums up the tension discs, and breaks real easily.

She’s saying that that’s what my brands are doing too.

It’s weird. I used to only take my machine in every four or five years because I kept it clean and well oiled right here at home.

But over the last two years, my machine has been hesitating when I step on the foot pedal.

She said that’s directly related to my cheap thread.

But Gutterman is pretty high quality, isn’t it?

Coats and Clark is what America uses, doesn’t it?

And, I only use my really old stuff to hand baste with.

Is it because my Bernina is 27 years old?


She said thread has changed in the last few years.


Have you heard this from your technician too?

What brand do you use?