Seam Rippers

Do you have a seam ripper? If you sew, you really need one. We all make mistakes and these help correct that human element in sewing. There are various types of seam rippers. For those of you who have never used one, slip the pointed edge under a stitch and gently lift the stitch and cut it. Repeat the process until all the unwanted stitches are up and out. Use a seam ripper instead of the pointed edge of a pair of scissors so you don’t damage the fabric you are working with.

Taking out seams takes practice. Start by stitching a straight line on a scrap of fabric and practice using your seam ripper to take out each stitch one at a time. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Have you seen one of these? Stay away from them!


They are daggers.  They will do some serious damage to just about anything.

I have lost the battle with a pair of jeans when I tried to rip out a hem with one of them.

Have you seen one of these?sewing-blog-0063

You can find one of these at Walmart. They are cheap. Probably set you back $1.00 or so. These are fine if you need one in a hurry. However…I prefer these:

sewing-blog-0083They are made by Clover. You’ll find these at a quilt shop. Or you can get one online on Amazon.

You can also go to a Bernina sewing machine store and pick up one of the Bernina variety. They are great too. How are the Clover and Bernina superior to all others you ask? Well, they conform to your hand well and they have just the right shaped tip to get under stitches on almost any fabric type from lightweight satin and sheers to heavyweight denim and home decorator fabric. They run about $7.00.

Best $7.00 you’ll ever spend!