Hemming Alterations

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How To Hem Jeans Using The Original Hem

How To Hem Jeans the Professional Way

How To Hem Pants and Skirts

How To Hem Without Puckers…For Flared and Tapered Pants

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Hemming Stretch Knits

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How To Take In The Crotch Seam on Pants

Hem…Using the Inseam Measurement

How To Mark Your Pants For Hemming, One Method

How To Mark Your Hems..Another Method

Hemming Pants With a Vent or Slit

How To Hem Pants With a Vent or Slit, Another Technique

Hem Stays

Hemming With Twin Needles

Let’s Serge a Hem

Rolled Hems

Rolled Hems…..Another Method

How to Hand Sew a Hem

How To Hem Lining on Pants or Skirts

How To Hem a Bubble Dress

The Blind Stitch Hem Foot

How To Hem a Kimono