Sewing Machine Needles…How to Choose The Right One

How do you know what kind of sewing machine needles to use in your machine?

Well, I prefer to use Schmetz brand needles.

They work.

They work well.

I have been using them for at least 27 years.

Before that, I used my mom’s Singer machine and just used Singer needles on it.

But then, my Dad who taught me to sew, bought me a Bernina, and the rest is history.

But, when it comes to needles, I like Schmetz because they never let me down.

Here are the types I use on a regular basis:

There’s the Universal, Leather, Microtex, Jersey/Ball Point, Jeans/Denim, Twin, and Stretch.

When I went to write this post about all the different types of needles, their uses and what size/kind you need for different fabrics and applications, I went over to the Schmetz site and found their brochure.

Then, I realized that it would be much better if I just gave you the link to it.

It’s very complete and detailed. There are photos of all the choices of needles.

There’s also this helpful chart.

Also, if you can’t find a certain needle in your local fabric store, (I can never find the Stretch twin needles anymore) you can order them online at this Schmetz site.

I found needles I didn’t even know existed!

So, I will be one of those internet shoppers myself there in a few minutes!

Who knew they had twin denim needles?

Or the extra wide twin needles? Awesome!

How about a quick threading needle? Yep!

A double eyed needle…..again, who knew?

I can’t speak to the embroidery and metallic thread type needles as I don’t sew in those categories.

But, you’ve got to check it out.

The only additional thing I can think to add is this:

If your threads are skipping or coming out as you sew, replace your needle first and see if that takes care of the problem.

Once in awhile, you have a needle that doesn’t cooperate or last as long as it should.

I have been told that you should replace your needle after every 8 hours of sewing.

So, I do.

For those who sew all day every day, that means changing it every day or two at the most.

Since I change my needles for different projects throughout the day, I make sure I put my used needles in one spot and keep my new needles in another. Then, when the time is up, I throw them away.

I bet one of you out there will tell us you sharpen your needles for another 8 hour run.

How do you do it?

That would be a good tip to know.

Until then, we just keep buying them and thanking Schmetz for all the choices.

Happy Sewing!