DIY Your Wedding Dress Alterations…with “No Sew” Solutions!

During this pandemic, and this season of quarantine, you may be having difficulty finding a seamstress to alter your wedding dress.

I have had several calls from brides asking what they can do.

You may be in the same situation…getting married soon with a dress that doesn’t fit. You might feel like there is no solution, but I have an option for you….

And that option is to DIY your own alterations! If you already know how to sew, type in the alteration you need into the search box and you’ll find all sorts of alteration tutorials to help you.

But, if you don’t sew, or there are no seamstresses available to you, I have some ideas that will help you and you don’t need to know how to sew to get the look you need. Mind you, they will not look as professional as those done by your local seamstress, but they will get the job done and, in most cases, no one will know that you did them yourself.

Am I saying you should use duct tape to hem your dress or clothes pins to take in the sides? No!

But there are other options that will work and that will make your dress look beautiful in photos for your special day and I’d love to help you in this time of uncertainty.

Because each dress is unique and each alteration is different, please email me some photos of your dress. Include closeups of the areas that have details that I would need to see. If you can put the dress on and send me a photo of you in it, that would be so helpful too. Please send no more than 5 photos and include your wedding date.

Email your photos and questions to and I’ll do my best to answer you promptly.

Hopefully, this will alleviate one of the dilemma’s you’re dealing with. Wishing you a beautiful wedding day and an even more wonderful married life!